The 4 types of Cocoa

The 4 Types of Cocoa

Cocoa beans refer to the dried and fermented Theobroma cacao. There are four different types of these beans, but most people who don’t have an experience in cocoa products cannot differentiate the varieties. Experts who are used to eating cocoa products can tell which kind of cocoa they are using. Cocoa is used to make

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Types of Macadamia Nuts

Types of Macadamia

A healthy and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed any time of day, nuts are the true definition of wonder foods. Amongst the delicious varieties of nuts are macadamias. These are nuts that grow on trees and are native to Australia and Indonesia. They also grow very well in Hawaii. The taste and nutritional benefits of macadamias make

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Cashew Nut Types

Types of cashew nuts

Cashew nuts, commonly known as cashew kernels, are highly nutritious. Eating the nuts provides dietary copper, vitamin E, iron, and other essential nutrients. The leading producers, of these kidney-shaped nuts, in order of exports include India, Côte d’Ivoire, Vietnam, and Brazil. The cashew nut tree flowers from November to January. From

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Novel foods

Novel Foods

Simply put novel foods refer to foods or ingredients, with no significant history of human consumption in the EU before 15 May 1997. Guidelines regarding novel food are under EU’s Novel Foods Regulation. Any novel food entering the EU market must undergo rigorous testing to determine its safety. For instance, before selling a novel product in the

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USA Food Import Honey

USA Food Imports: Honey

Honey is a natural and very healthy food that is highly valued by families living in the US. Therefore if you were to import honey into the US, you will find a ready market for your honey. The increasing demand has continued to be filled through producing honey locally and importing to fill the deficit. There is a huge deficit in honey production locally.

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USA Food Imports Dietary Supplements

USA Food Imports: Dietary Supplements

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is regulating the dietary ingredients and dietary supplements that are being sold in the US. Dietary supplement is defined as the product that we ingest through our mouth and should contain dietary ingredients that is designed as a supplement for our diet. It can also take numerous forms like liquids, capsules

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Importing Fruit to the USA

USA Food Import: Fruits

To have fresh fruits all year around is something wonderful. However, since fruits grow seasonally, it isn’t always possible to pick them fresh off a tree in the one location throughout the whole year. Thankfully, with transport made more and more easy, importing fruits from around the world to the USA is a real possibility.

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USA Food Import

Food Import USA Analysis

In the year 2015, we witnessed a sharp drop in the food exports from The USA and a moderate increase in Food imports from then. The drop in food exports was after a steady increase for the previous five years that is from the year 2010 to 2015. In the year 2015, the total exports amounted to $133 billion only, and the drop was attributed to a

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Eu Food Imports Fish and fishery products

EU Food Imports: Fish and Fishery Products

The EU is the most extensive importer of fish and fishery products, which makes it an exciting market. Before making any plans, you have to understand the regulations and controls in place and also, the relevant bodies to approach. For instance, the main body responsible for food safety is the European…

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