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  • Testimonial Samantha Foxpak
    “The Nutrada platform is a stroke of genius that will be very useful in helping the food industry to network and grow. ”
    Samantha Murphy
    Marketing Executive - Foxpak
  • Testimonial Pedro Villa Andina
    “Nutrada is a practical and quick way to do business which simplifies the search, also giving the opportunity to make business relationships with people in other countries.”
    Pedro Martinto
    CEO - Villa Andina
  • Find buyers and suppliers

    The main benefit you'll receive from our platform is saving time and money. As a supplier, you will receive detailed inquiries from buyers looking for the products you supply. As a buyer, you will find certified suppliers in just a few minutes. Say goodbye to traditional searches on search engines and food directories.

  • Marketplace

    In our marketplace you will find special offers from our registered suppliers. This can be either overstock, promotional offers or products with a short shelf life. Make sure you don't miss out on these deals, which are exclusively available to buyers on the platform.

  • Service Providers

    Find BRC, IFS and FSSC certified service providers. In our service providers area you will find a variety of partners. This includes laboratories, transporters and co-packers.

    This part of our platform is set-up to support your business in all its ways. To succeed in this business you don't just need the best supplier, you also need the best partners to help you support your business. That is what our service provider area brings to you.

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Food Buyer

I'm a Buyer

As a buyer of food ingredients, you have a very easy way of finding the right supplier for

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I'm a Supplier

Nutrada easily connects your company with high quality and verified buyers, allowing you to

Benefits as a food supplier
Laboratory Service providers Nutrada

Service Provider

As a certified service provider your company will be seen by hundreds of verified industry

Benefits as a service provider

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