Analysis of US Honey Imports

Honey is a natural and very healthy food that is highly valued by families living in the US. Therefore if you were to import honey into the US, you will find a ready market for your honey. The increasing demand has continued to be filled through producing honey locally and importing to fill the deficit. There is a huge deficit in honey production locally. This is as a result of damage to the US bee colonies and collapse disorder. Further, the climatic change and harsh conditions for the bees have also contributed to declining honey production. However, the US Government through FDA ensures that only honey from ethical origins, and that is of high quality comes to the US.

Regulations Governing Honey Import in the US

The USA has established anti-dumping duties and put strict quality controls so as to protect US consumers. These laws are also aimed at protecting the local bee farmer and therefore encouraging more farmers to invest in bee farming. Therefore, a speculating importer has to make sure he is compliant with the laws and regulations so as to qualify as an importer.

The importers of honey are expected to comply with US border security and also meet the regulations published by the FDA. FDA has clearly spelt the countries that might import honey into the US. These countries include Argentina, Vietnam, India, Canada Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico New Zealand, and Thailand. These are the countries that FDA currently recognizes as the suppliers of Honey to the US. There are various importers of honey in the US that have a presence in the above countries.

Another strict regulation that FDA expects these importers to comply with is clear labelling, honey processing procedures, they must observe high-quality food safety, and they must package their products well. Also, the company must be registered under the FDA licensing act.

Despite the strict rules by the US Government governing honey imports, there are illegal imports that find entry into the USA. These are priced cheaply and come from countries that are categorized as highly regulated. These companies that are importing honey that is of questionable supply are negatively affecting the genuine importers of honey. This is by undercutting the markets for the suppliers who produce high-quality honey for the US market. A good example of a country that is circumventing the honey importation rules is the Chinese suppliers. This honey imported from China is being transshipped through the borders finding its way into the consumer’s households. Therefore the US Trade regulatory bodies lose up to $100 million annually as a result of the illegal honey imports from countries like China.

Effects of Illegal Imports of Honey to the US

To begin with, we mentioned that a huge amount of money is lost by the regulatory bodies as a result of illegal imports. The second effect is that the legal importers market share is undercut by cheap honey supplies. Further, the illegal honey imports pose threats to the US families and therefore should be stopped.

Importers and exporters of honey

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