Cocoa Ingredients: The 4 Types of Cocoa

Cocoa beans refer to the dried and fermented Theobroma cacao. There are four different types of these beans, but most people who don’t have experience in cocoa products cannot differentiate the varieties. Experts who are used to eating cocoa products can tell which kind of cocoa they are using. Cocoa is used to make cocoa butter and other delicious foods. All these cocoa plants grow in different kind of climates, and they require different kinds of conditions to produce well. The products made from each of the cocoa beans have different aromas, taste, and appearance.

  1. The Rare Variety Criollo

This is a rare variety because it is only found in South and Central America as well as Sri Lanka and the Caribbean Islands. The variety forms five per cent of all the total world’s cocoa which is why it is very difficult to find in the world. Its beans are white in colour, but they vary and sometimes they could be pale pink. It is a delicate plant that needs close care for it to grow and produce a lot of fruits. They have a classic chocolate flavour that is long lasting. Owing to its excellent taste, it is considered to be the best chocolate and products featuring this variety as an ingredient are highly priced.

  1. The Most Common Cocoa Forastero

The growing of this cocoa variety started in Brazil Amazon. It is now majorly grown in Africa, Ecuador and Brazil. Statistics reveal that it forms 80 per cent of the world’s cocoa production. It is able to grow in many parts of the world because it is a robust type that is able to overcome all kinds of diseases and climate. It can do well even in places where rain is scarce. It has so many subtypes like Amelonado, Cundeamor and Calabacillo but they all have the same taste.

  1. Trinitario, the Unique Species

This is known to have first existed in Trinidad and it is a result of cross-pollination between the above two varieties. It has a wonderful quality that makes many chocolate producing companies to love it. Most of this type is grown in Mexico, Caribbean island and Venezuela. Its taste is wonderful and its taste varies depending on where the beans were sourced from.

  1. Arriba Type of Cocoa

This type was discovered in the 19th century at Guayas River where a sailor found a cocoa seed. It is known to be unique because it yields different kinds of aromas and tastes that are all pleasing to the users. It can be used in making a wide variety of products including drinks and butter. It is mostly used in making butter and bar drinks.

To conclude, Cocoa varieties carry a different kind of taste and aroma. Depending on their ability to withstand a different kind of weather conditions, most of them grow in different parts of the world. Forastero is the common type that grows in almost all parts of the world. Most of its products are cheap because it is widely produced.

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