My Benefits as a Food Supplier

Nutrada is about you! A platform built by food industry entrepreneurs, for food entrepreneurs. We let you save money and time. And at the same time, we help you make money.

As food industry veterans we know how frustrating it can be, handling a variety of undetailed inquiries day by day. Yet, we look for ways to increase our sales but it is safe to say that no decent platform for serious traders has been established yet.

Nutrada is designed to take away your pain when it comes to handling inquiries. All buyers on our platform are screened by us, prior to entering. We don't allow consumers to access the platform. In addition, the platform is spam-free and will also remain to be as such. Want to know how we can help you even more? Scroll down below.

Overview Nutrada Matches

Only deal with companies you want to deal with.

Meet new Clients

By uploading your products into the platform, our system will match you with buyers looking to place an order. Your company will be selected if it meets the criteria of the buyer.

Automatically filter your requests

At the same time, as a supplier, you have the option to exclude certain types of buyers. By doing so, our system will automatically exclude buyers that cannot meet your MOQ or aren't within your list of accepted countries.

Sell products you can't sell

Despite having optimized sales and purchasing channels, there are always products that could use some extra attention. Our marketplace area covers just that. In our 'marketplace' you can offer buyers three types of products. Overstock, short shelf life and promotional items. Once your promotion is published it will be visible to all buyers on the platform.


Sometimes you just happen to have too much stock of a particular product. Let buyers know you have overstock products for sale!

Short shelf life

Advertise your products with a short shelf life to buyers around the world. You need to select the 'short BBD' tag to inform buyers.

Promotional offers

Attract new buyers by promoting exclusive discounts on selected items.

Overview Nutrada Service Providers

Increase your network.

Find trusted partners

A broad network of partners is providing stability to your company. Even if you already have a list of selected partners, it doesn't hurt to explore the market for a decent backup when, for example, your Co-packer is fully booked.

Fully supportive

We know which service providers your company needs. That means, that you will be able to browse through laboratories, food consultants, transporters and packaging suppliers. Furthermore, we have included associations, control bodies and many more!

But there's more...

There is much more to Nutrada than explained, but we don't want to bore you with endless texts. We think you should experience it for yourself. And the good part is, you can already do so for free. Head to the pricing options below and join Nutrada! Your account will be verified in a few hours and after that, your business will never be the same.


$0 Free Forever
  • 1 Product Listing
  • Link to Website
  • Limited Buyer Requests
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$499 Paid annually, USD excl. VAT POPULAR
  • 100 Product Listings
  • Link to Website
  • Unlimited Buyer Requests
  • Email & Phone Support
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$999 Paid annually, USD excl. VAT
  • 500 Product Listings
  • Link to Website
  • Unlimited Buyer Requests
  • Email, Whatsapp & Phone Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade with my match outside the platform?

Yes! Nutrada is built to help buyers and suppliers do business. The platform is a tool to connect, the actual trade is concluded between the parties outside Nutrada.

Do I need to pay Nutrada a commission?

No. Nutrada does not charge a commission. We work with subscription models. Check out the pricing details for buyers and pricing details for suppliers. For more information you can ask help from our team.

What is the mission of Nutrada?

The mission of Nutrada is, to connect buyers and suppliers in the food industry by organizing the indsutry' information and make it accessible and useful.

Who can join Nutrada?

All buyers and suppliers will be screened upon application. Nutrada is an exclusive B2B platform and thus only accessible to verified and registered businesses. Consumers are not able to enter the platform or create an account.