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Are you a buyer in need of finding a supplier quickly? But are tired of wasting valuable time on traditional search engines and food directories. Relax and meet Nutrada!

Nutrada saves you time and money by connecting you with highly certified suppliers instantly. Based on your requirements you'll receive 9 possible suppliers. You can contact three of them at once. The answers that you provide during your search will be automatically sent to our certified suppliers.

Join our exclusive platform and be one step ahead of the competition. Save time and money, while making money. Nutrada is the only platform you'll need to find the best supplier for your products.

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Find the right supplier in minutes.

Request three offers at once

If you fill out your inquiry, Nutrada will match you with the three best suppliers for your inquiry. Not convinced? You can cancel any match and we'll show up to 9 matches per inquiry, from which you can contact a total of 3 suppliers at once. Just click 'send'.


Would you like to try other matches? Or make a new search for an older inquiry? With just one-click, from your history overview, you can resend your inquiry to a new set of suppliers. Isn't that just great?!

Enjoy exclusive offers

In the marketplace area you can enjoy exclusive offers from certified suppliers. They are categorised in 'promotional offers', 'short shelf life' and 'overstock'. Beat the competition by taking advantage of these bargains!

Promotional offers

Save money with the best deals from our registered suppliers, exclusively available to buyers on Nutrada.


Enjoy lower prices on overstock products. Take advantage and beat the competition.

Short shelf life

Some suppliers may have short shelf life products, which you can buy with heavy discounts.

Overview Nutrada Service Providers

Increase your network.

Outsource your services

Nutrada connects you to reputable partners. From Laboratories to transporters. From food consultants to packaging suppliers. Every type of partner you need, to run a succesfull business in our industry, is here.

Upgrade your backup

Don't rely on a single partner. Grow your network through the service providers area and upgrade your backup. Never say 'no' to a client again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact suppliers outside the platform?

Yes. You are allowed to trade with your match/supplier outside the platform. Nutrada facilitates a platform which allows companies to get in touch more easily, we are not part of the actual deal

Which type of suppliers can I find?

Suppliers on Nutrada are verified and can be located anywhere in the world, depending on the product. On Nutrada you will mainly find the following suppliers: manufacturers, agents & brokers and wholesalers.

Do I have to pay commissions?

No! Nutrada helps you find suppliers more easily, we are not part of the deal you are concluding with the supplier. Therefore we do not charge a commission on your purchases.

Which products are offered on Nutrada?

On Nutrada we mainly focus on 'ambient food' products. In order to see a full overview of the products that you can look for, we advise you to have a look at our products page.