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The Changing Environment of Global Food Trading

The Changing Environment of Global Food Trading

From the dawn of human existence, food has been required to sustain life on this planet. From the first man who hunted and gathered for personal consumption to the farmer who supplied food products to his family and the surrounding community, the ever-changing face of food trade, has grown into one of epic proportions. In today’s world, the global food trading industry provides over £twenty million per year into the global economy. Some country's ability to participate in the global food trading industry is hindered by their economy or the ground, or industrial communities are not conducive to the harvesting or manufacture of food products, thus relying solely on imports from other countries. With the introduction of larger cities with numerous state of the art manufacturing facilities and vast countrysides that are ripe for agriculture use, the global food trade is growing fast. The faster, cheaper, and safer packaging, storage and transportation of food products has allowed for even further reach around the globe. The use of advanced technology in the packaging facilities and transportation avenues that get the food around the world faster and fresher has propelled the global food trading industry to where it is today.

Old Days of Agriculture
In the past, the farming industry was very important in feeding the ever-growing population. They utilized less advanced forms of machinery, tools, and livestock feeds and drugs and they did not have means of transportation to reach markets in outlying areas without the current preservations measures of today. The agriculture industry of today has technologically advanced machinery for cultivation, pasteurization, and transportation with preservation means in mind. They also have more advanced techniques and processes to develop their livestock to supply the safest and most pure meats and poultry to a global market.

Industrial Production of Food Products
The global food trading industry has seen huge strides in the industrial production of food. From the famous franchises like McDonald's or food production companies like Coca-Cola and General Mills have made the global food trade what it is today. These industrial food producers are continuously under scrutiny by the international food trade and governmental and public food safety agencies. The mass production of products like grains, nuts, meats, and beverages is driving the global food trade, but what damage is it causing to the humans consuming them. The strict regulations and standards surrounding these food producers are ever-changing to help protect consumers worldwide. 

The global food trading industry is vast and diverse in its food product offerings. The days of the horse and a plow are over, and massive farming development has made huge strides in the production and global delivery of agricultural food products around the world. With mass production of industrial food supplies to keep the ever-growing population from going hungry has been propelled by the latest in the technology of machinery and logistics to reshape the global food trading industry into what it is today.  
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