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Online Food Trading – The Basics

Online Food Trading – The Basics

Food trading is a complex endeavour, and it’s made so by the presence of different food trading standards that have to be adhered to. With this in mind, it’s important to note that this is the only logical solution due to a variety of risk factors carried by an unsupervised distribution of food, especially in the highly unregulated sector of online food trading. Nutrada is a website which specializes in trading food, and it’s known for abiding by the highest industry food trading standards regarding yeast and mould limits, MOSH and MOAH considerations, HACCP plans as well as thoroughly regulated COA Certificates.

The Importance behind Regulations
The truth is that the food trading industry has to be thoroughly regulated for a variety of good reasons. For instance, improper usage of recycled packaging could lead to MOSH contamination because of the presence of previously existing printer ink on the packaging cartons. While there are no MOSH and MOAH verified test procedures, it’s a well-established fact that their compound can contain carcinogenic ingredients which pose significant threats to the human organism.

Proper Consideration of Yeast and Mould Limits
Another thing that has to be taken into consideration when determining proper food trading standards is the accountability for the limits of yeast and mould. While both microorganisms could pose significant benefits if taken in moderation, they could also be the reasons for whole-body infections and severe complications if taken abundantly. With this in mind, proper control over the foods subjected to trading is absolutely mandatory.

Nutrada Ensures Standard Compliance
The website is based upon the highest industry food trading standards and is built around compliance with them. This is the main reason for which we guarantee that the foods which are traded through our regulated platform are properly certified after undergoing the mandatory tests and procedures. HACCP compliance is something that we hold very strict and wouldn’t allow potentially hazardous products to be traded throughout our platform. 

The truth is that this is a sensitive subject as more and more dangerous ingredients are introduced in the food that we consume on a daily basis. Even though MOSH and MOAH mineral oils are dangerous and prohibited, there are tons of manufacturers who freely use a wide range of allowed substances which reveal the same amount of danger. Artificial sweeteners and colours, for instance, are a known source of potential complications, yet they are widely used. In any case, we make sure that the legally set food trading standards are abided by.
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