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Guide on Exportation: Health Certificate for Food Products

EHC also is known as Export Health Certificate is a piece of document that certifies that the health regulation, standard, and information of the food products have been successfully met. This will allow food products to be exported. A health certificate for food products should be appointed by APHA and will be signed and completed by an official veterinarian in case it is an animal-based product.

A Complete Guide on Food Exports License
In this article, you will understand how you can export animal and food products with the help of the health certificate for food products.

Understanding What Type of Products Need Health Certificate
There are at least 1,500 types of food exports license available, and their requirements are slightly different than the others. They can also be divided into different categories such as meat products, dairy products (which include ice cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, whey, and milk), gelatin and collagen, egg, fish and fish products, animal feeds, and pet foods.

What Type of Product You Should Send
Find a company that has a strong relationship with DIT and APHA that can provide you in-depth information about export health certificate food. They can also advise you on market research, consumers, product names, packaging, and trade shows. Their relationship and experience with the industry bodies can connect you with importers and buyers.

What Kind of EHC Is Suitable?
There are different types of food export license depending on the product that you are exporting. For the dietary supplement, a certificate should be chosen if the products contain all the supplemental facts on its label. If the product is used exclusively for infants, a certificate for infant formula should be chosen. There are also other health certificates for Medical food, foods that are intended for dietary use, seafood, food additive, collagen, and gelatin.

Application for EHC
The application for a food export license is recommended to submit in an appropriate form. This should be free from any form of charge. The representative of the company or the applicant will be directed to the Public Health Office to submit the completed application form. When submitting your application, there is information that should be included such as the date of departure, the address and name of the establishment, name of the consignor and consignee, place of origin, destination, markings, weight, and breakdown of packaging, and the detailed description of the product.

There may be additional requirements apart from the export health certificate food depending on the things stated in the certificate. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the correct and necessary information will be available. There may also be an inspection of the establishment and the process of manufacturing within 30 days. If you have a request to cancel the inspection, it should be made within 30 days from the date of the application. The health certificate for food production will not be issued by the agency if the applicant failed to provide all the important information about the product that is needed by the governing bodies.
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