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Why Get a BRC Certification?

The BRC is a recognized brand around the world, which has more than 18,000 businesses that are in more than 100 countries. The BRC food safety standard was the first that the GFSI benchmarked. Having a BRC certification has benefits, so why should you use the BRC Food Safety Standard?

Confidence from Customers
No matter the size or amount of history that your business has, having a BRC certification will help with customers having confidence in your business’s food safety and your management of the supply chain. Using the BRC food safety standard also reduces the amounts of complaints, rejected products, recalls, and waste. When you have received the BRC certification, you can use it for marketing. You can display the BRC food safety logo on your website, and your business will be added to the BRC Directory.

Cost-Effective and Achievable
The BRC food safety standard was created by food industry experts and is designed to be very detailed and rigorous while being easy to understand. The BRC food safety standard uses a common sense risk-based approach, and it provides a clear guide to get a BRC certification. The BRC also has a support program that is comprehensive and makes it easy to get started. The BRC food safety program is available in 10 languages, with more translations being created for release soon. The cost of having a BRC certification is the cost of the audit, which will be the local rate. You can audit done after you are confident with your business’s food safety. Since the BRC food safety standard has global recognition, there is less of a need to have duplicate audits done.

The BRC certification comes with a support team that you can reach out to when you need them. The support team can help with leadership and can answer any questions you may have about the BRC food safety standard. They also look into any complaints and will investigate and follow-up on them. 

The BRC food safety standard is a great help for any size company. Their certification is recognised around the world by customers. Their support can also help you deal with any problems or questions that arise. 

The BRC food safety standard works for all food-based businesses. It can help you save money as you are less likely to need have multiple audits done. This food safety standard also helps your quality of the products become higher. If you are thinking about, have your business certified, the BRC certification is one of the best, and gives you access to their great food safety standard for your business.  Even if you do not get a BRC certification, their food safety standard is great to study and use.
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