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What is Codex Alimentarius? How Does It Affect Your Health?

The Codex Alimentarius Commission or simply referred to as Codex is the worldwide body that is consulted and the one who provides a proposal to the head of the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation) and the WHO (World Health Organisation) on the entire matters that is associated with the implementation of the food standard that is designed jointly by the WHO and FAO.

The Codex Alimentarius was formed in the year 1963 wherein the primary purpose of the commission is to safeguard the wellbeing of the consumers, promote the coordination of the whole food standard and ensure fair practice in the industry.  Unfortunately, the prevalent products in the industry today do not generally protect the safety of the consumer.

How Does the Codex Alimentarius Commission Affect Your Health?
Last January of 1995, the World Trade Organisation altered their worldwide status.  During this time, they are now utilising the standard of the Codex Alimentarius in the arbitration of different disputes involving food trade.  This is somehow mandatory which compels the members of the WTO to comply with the standard and the guidelines.  This means that the 149 countries that are associated with WTO have no option but to strictly follow the standard of the commission. 

Aside from managing common foods, Codex Alimentarius are also setting the guideline and standard in pesticide, food additives, advertising,  food labelling, genetically-modified sustenance, organic food, health claim and food supplements.

The Guideline of Codex in Different Food Industry
Supplements- the guideline of the Codex states the restriction on the dosage of the minerals and vitamins and the analysis of the claims of the minerals and vitamins.  They will be analysing the content of the supplement and look at the treatment, alleviation and the prevention purposes of the said supplement.

Health Claims-The Codex Alimentarius is placing restrictions in the organic type of healthcare.  They are ensuring that the alleviation, treatment and prevention and the cure for the disease are restricted only to the pharmaceutical medicines.  They are also preventing any health claim that any food product is suitable in utilising for the treatment, alleviation, cure, prevention of certain disease.

Organic Foods- There has been a great emphasis placed in the importance in the guideline on the organic food such as the issues associated with sulphur dioxide and the fact that it can cause an allergic reaction to some.  Organic Food entails an elevated price rate compared to non-organic which is why the Commission is regulating it.

Food Labelling- Food labelling is critical when providing the natural health information of a product.  The Codex Alimentarius is preventing the manufacturers of the food supplement in educating the people on the benefits of dietary supplements.

The Codex Alimentarius is the regulating body that specifies the safety of the food.  Since the standard is prevalent in different products in the world today, the Codex is basically affecting each of us.
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