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What Is a Material Safety Data Sheet?

What Is a Material Safety Data Sheet?

Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS is the most used method to provide information about chemical mixtures and chemical substances. In the EU, material safety data sheet are also known as just safety data sheets. Other countries, like the U.S.A and Canada, also use material safety data sheets, which are similar in contents and format to the EU version.

The information that is on a material safety data sheet includes the chemical and physical properties of the product, and the safety, environmental, and fire hazards of the product. This is important for both your employees and emergency services, as they know what the chemical is and how it reacts with other products.

Most chemicals will come with their own material safety data sheet; however, with some buyers, you may have to request a copy of the material safety data sheet. If you are selling a product that needs a material safety data sheet, it is recommended that you use a material safety data sheet template to make sure that you have all the legal information needed on the sheet While there is no set material safety data sheet template, there are set guidelines to the information that must be on the sheet,

Many companies are now posting copies of their material safety data sheet on their websites to make it easy to get extra copies of any material safety data sheet.

The Purpose of the Material Safety Data Sheet
A material safety data sheet is the second part of the WHMIS information delivery system. The main purpose of a material safety data sheet is to provide more information about the product that is not on the label. It is also used to educate employees about the hazards that they are exposed to, and how to handle the chemicals. 

Where Do You Store A Material Safety Data Sheet?
The first place that you need to have all the material safety data sheets is where workers have easy access to them. This is because your employees may have to check if a chemical can be mixed with another chemical safely, or what are the first aid needs of that chemical.

A business owner should also have a copy of a material safety data sheet to make sure you can replace any damaged copies. All the material safety data sheets are also required to be updated once a year. Most times, there will be little to no changes, but it is a legal requirement. 

If you are shipping products outside of your home country, you will be required to attach a material safety data sheet for all the products that are being sent. Depending on your home country and the shipping method, you may also be required to attach the material safety data sheet
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