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Setting Up Your Food Quality Manual

Setting Up Your Food Quality Manual

Food safety is the most important rule to have when you are working with the public and food. Documents about food safety and quality are called a food safety manual or a food quality manual. All food related businesses need a food quality manual.  The food quality manual must be a clear and concise document that has all the procedures, policies and records of the business in it.  

There are many reasons that having a food quality manual is important, next to having it for legal reasons. The biggest reason is that having a well-written food quality manual helps with the communication of best practices to your employees. Communication helps create products that are of consistent quality and made safely. Having complete and accurate records will help you be able to show that you are complying with the food safety standards. 

What Is Required in a Food Quality Manual?

A food quality manual needs to have a policy statement, a list of all the products that your business uses and make, and what controls the system and supports any development implementation. The food safety manual can be a printed or electronic copy, and needs to be made available to all relevant staff.

How to Create Your Own Food Quality Manual?

The first step of creating your own food quality manual is known what you are covering and how you are going to format the document.  Using a quality manual template can make setting up a food quality manual faster, and you are less likely to forget necessary information. 

A food safety manual should be concise and clearly written, and should teach new employees about the procedures of the business. The format of the documentation contained in the food safety manual should be easy to read, and have pertinent information, such as the documents name, the author, the revision date, the page number and the total number of pages in the header or footer. 

The next step in creating a food quality manual is organising the document. Even when you use a quality manual template, you need to decide how you want to have the manual put together having a whole food quality manual together works for most businesses. However, having a specialised food safety manual that are department specific also has its value. 

No matter the type of food safety manual that you use, it needs to contain a table of contents that has the names of all the documents, the document control code, and the date that recent revisions were made. 

Having useable documentation is important for when you are creating a food safety manual, as employees can quickly refer to them. Having a food safety manual helps your company be able to create quality products.

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