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MOSH and MOAH – Things to be Aware of

MOSH and MOAH food contaminations have to be properly accounted for. Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons (MOSH) and Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons (MOAH) are the most interesting mineral compounds which are found in our environment and with this in mind they deserve a proper mention.

Both types of minerals are actually pretty easily absorbed by our bodies from the blood, and they are also capable of accumulating body fat in some particular organs. Toxicological assessments right now are mainly based on animal experiments because there are no studies that examine the effects of the aforementioned substances on human bodies. However, the ingestion of MOAH should be avoided completely as it can’t be determined that carcinogenic compounds are not present in the fraction of minerals. With this in mind, they may pose an actual threat to your organism. 

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the food industry itself is definitely not amongst the primary sources of MOSH and MOAH contamination in the foodstuffs. The topic itself is rather complex, and it could be observed and examined from different perspectives. The truth is that mineral oils are highly present in our surrounding environment and with this in mind; there are different ways in which they could actually find their way into the food we eat and contaminated. 

For instance, raw food is duly exposed to background contamination from the combustion process as it would usually involve substances such as petrol, exhaust fumes, and others of the kind. Furthermore, MOSH and MOAH could also reach raw foods during the transportation process if the transport packaging is already contaminated with the aforementioned mineral oils. Furthermore, a well-studied route of exposure is the contamination throughout the packaging cardboard where the cartons are made out of recycled cardboard which may contain printer ink. 

In any case, serious control has to be exercised to properly prevent contamination with mineral oils as the risk of introducing potential carcinogenic substances into the organism of the consumer is very real. With this in mind, a thorough analysis has to be carried out not only on the food but also on the substances which are used throughout the entire production and distribution process. 

However, the MOSH and MOAH analysis is yet to be standardized. Until now there isn’t a verified procedure that is available for the analysis of this particular compound which poses certain threats. In any case, analysis is also considerably harder because of the presence of other substances such as the polyolefin oligomeric saturated hydrocarbons. 
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