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Importance of Food Safety Risk Assessment

Importance of Food Safety Risk Assessment

Over the past few years, there is a great emphasis placed on risk assessment as the basis in the advancement of the policy and safety system concerning foods.  It is crucial to determine the risk in the preparation of food.  You need to be aware that all types of preparation of food come with a different level of risk.  However, this can be mitigated by determining the risk and executing the desired action.  Doing so will lower the hazard to the consumers and your business.  These actions are an integral part of food safety risk assessment.

The Framework of the Food Safety Risk Assessment Template
Food Safety Risk Assessment is generally conducted to deal with the assessment of hazards, controlling the level of risk, and other risk communication. Assessment of the hazard involves the proper identification of the hazard, characterization of the risk, and the technical and scientific recommendation.  Management of the risk will basically incorporate the general policy, the profile of the risk, and the distinct policies.  Risk communication, on the other hand, will typically include the information in acquisition and distribution.

Food Safety Risk Assessment is very essential in the development of the HACCP system.  It is the first point of consideration when developing HACCP.  It is a process wherein the possible risks that might affect the quality of the products are analyzed.  The entire procedure involves a comprehensive gathering and evaluating of the data and examining the conditions that may arise to the said risk.  This is the process that will aid the company in determining what type of risk has the highest probability of compromising the safety of the food product.

Food Safety Risk Assessment is generally executed if there is a new ingredient or additives incorporated in the food product.  It may also be performed when there is a recent change in the facility if there are changes in the environment that may affect the production of the food product if there are changes in the process that has a possibility to affect the chemical or microbiological safety of the food or if you just want to update your existing food safety risk assessment template.

When creating your Food Safety Risk Assessment Template, we must point out essential things.  Some of the essential parts would be identifying the problem, determining if the safety of the product is affected, identifying the hazard, enumerate the possible result, finding out if your consumer is affected, assessing the actions that will deal with the risk, the possibility that something bad can occur and determining the severity of the hazard.

Food safety risk assessment is not only executed to determine the impact of the hazard on the public but also to understand the effect of the risk on your business.
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