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Importance of Food Quality Assurance

Importance of Food Quality Assurance

Importance of Food Quality AssuranceCompanies belonging to the food industry understands that it is essentially impossible to create a department that is devoted to quality. The quality of the product should be the responsibility of every employee of the company. Consumers have the right to expect that the products they consume are safe. And that’s the importance of food quality assurance in the industry.

The importance of food quality assurance can also be seen in the profitability of the company. If consumers are not satisfied with the product, then it will be reflected in its sales. With lots of investment at stake in their food product, they must protect it. And that’s why they need to establish guidelines to ensure the product meets the expectations of the consumers with regards to quality and safety.

There are four factors of food quality assurance. These are safety; nutrition, value, and quality. To ensure safety, the company sets up standards for microbiological and toxicological hazards, as well as developing practices and processes that will ensure that the standards are followed. A food company also ensures the nutrient level of its products by formulating them with nutritional profiles that will provide positive benefits to the consumers’ daily diet. It is also important to consider providing value to the money spent by consumers through packaging, shelf life, and convenience. Lastly, the company needs to maintain the sensory characteristics of the food products that aroma, appearance, palatability, and taste.

Maintaining High Food Quality Assurance Levels
Food manufacturers are just one of the stakeholders in the creation of standards at both the national and international levels. Food companies need to share their knowledge of the food supply system to guarantee its effectiveness and efficiency to provide safe products. Their involvement in the process is beneficial to consumers and the industry. 

Standards should be implemented in their own food supply system to control its important factors that include manufacturing, distributing, and satisfying customers. Food quality assurance covers the development and implementation of different activities to improve and maintain the quality and safety of products. It starts as early as when the product is conceptualized and continues through the selection and buying of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and distribution. 

It is only natural that the quality and safety of the product is incorporated into the design right from the start, and not just during the end of product testing. Food quality assurance starts with the development and design of the product that involves the participation of the consumer market. And as the company learns the importance of food quality assurance, they use hazard analysis and critical control point methods to ensure the safety and high quality of the food items.
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