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How to Create a Food Safety Management System Manual

How to Create a Food Safety Management System Manual

Every year thousands of people die, while many more are affected by various cases of food-related illnesses. As such, establishments and organisations dealing with food production are required to ensure food quality and safety procedures are in place and enforced to reasonably reduce the possibility of the occurrence of these illnesses as a direct result of their operations. By creating a relevant and effective food safety management system manual, organisations can be able to provide quality and safe food to customers at all times. 

Below we will look at some of the main aspects of a food safety management system manual. You can use this information in the creation of your own organisation’s procedures and policy on food safety and quality. 


A food safety management system manual is a comprehensive document that clearly lays out all the practices, procedures and methods used by an organisation to ensure food safety and quality. The document can be kept in hard or softcopy, and distributed to all relevant staff members to ensure implementation. Creating this document is usually quite challenging especially to smaller establishments in the food industry due to the specific nature of the information required. However, you can use the tips below as a guide. 


A food safety management system manual should be designed around given food safety and quality standards. As you draft your organisations food safety management system, it is important that you first choose a given set of standards to follow. Since there are numerous compulsory and independent food safety and quality standards out there, you will have to make a choice relevant to your organisation’s operations. It is worth noting that the standard you choose to guide the process of creating a food safety management system manual will be used in food safety and quality audits in future. 


Each and every part of the food safety management system manual should be clear and concise to ensure that all recipients understand what is required of them. It is recommended that you use a language that all users will be able to understand clearly. Vague statements should be avoided to avoid any confusion which would result in incorrect application of the procedures therein. Where necessary, you can include pictures and diagrams to make instructions and guidelines clearer to users. These graphical representations can be of great use in case the language used is unclear to some of the users in one way or the other. 

In conclusion, it is important to state that even as you use established standards to create your organisation’s food safety management system manual, all details must be relevant to the operations carried on. In simple terms, you should only state what the organisation does to meet the established requirements. 

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