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HACCP Certification – Things to Consider

HACCP Certification – Things to Consider

Food manufacturers have to abide by different legal provisions that attest to the quality of the produced products. With this in mind, ensuring that the finalized product is free of any food safety hazards is amongst the most paramount endeavors. With this in mind, there is a certain plan which covers this particular area. It’s called the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

What is a HACCP Plan?
This is a particularly designed systematic preventive approach that aims to ensure food safety from physical, biological, and chemical hazards in the production process. The latter could cause the food to be rather unsafe, and the plan aims to design measurements to completely remove the risk factor or to significantly reduce it. The HACCP plan aims to ensure overall hazard prevention, and it could be used throughout the entire production chain of food manufacturing from the production to the packaging and distribution.

However, a HACCP plan is mandatory for every single segment of food manufacturing within the UK.  You might get inspected, and the inspecting officer is entitled to have access to your HACCP related records.

HACCP Guidelines
As per the current UK legislation, the plan has to identify any hazards which have to be removed, reduced, or avoided. Furthermore, you would have to identify the most critical points of control – those that need to be prevented, reduced or removed to determine that there are no hazards. You would also have to set particular limits for those critical control points and make sure that they are thoroughly monitored. Furthermore, if there is a problem that arises with a certain CCP you would most certainly have to handle it as soon as possible. 

On top of all that, you would have to keep records as the inspection is going to require them and you must place checks in place to ensure that the HACCP plan is actually working. 

Now, it’s also worth noting that these regulations are strictly for the UK. The USA, for instance, has other provisions that govern the HACCP plans, and they are only mandatory if you are producing juice and meat. In the remaining cases, you are given the choice to determine whether or not you want to implement such a plan. 

It’s mandatory for your food manufacturing business in the UK to adhere to the aforementioned HACCP guidelines and regulations. This is going to be paramount for the success of your venue, and it’s going to ensure full compliance with all of the industry set standards. 
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