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All You Need to Know About COA Certificates

All You Need to Know About COA Certificates

If you are wondering about COA Meaning – it’s an initialisation of the words Certificate of Analysis, and it is accompanying every single shipment that comes out of a particular manufacturer. Basically, every time a company exports something out of its own factory or warehouses, the COA certificate is going to provide the purchasing party with the lot characteristic of this particular batch. The certificate of analysis is usually issued by a regulatory or at least a quality assurance entity or institution, and it’s a stamp that the particular product’s specifications adhere to the standards which are set forth for products of the same kind. The certificate is most usually going to have the actual test results which were performed on the particular batch. 

Importance of the COA Certificate

The importance of the Certificate of Analysis is undoubted, yet the practical implementations remain a bit questionable, as far as paper certificates go. However, this is the most relevant piece of documentation which is issued to attest the quality of the product. Its sole purpose is to actually show, as the name suggests, that a proper analysis on the delivered product is being performed. The certificate should state the actual results and the regulations which they have to abide by. In any case, this is a proof for those receiving the product that the latter is up to the industry standards and that the regulations have been adhered to. 

Problems Deriving with Certificate of Analysis

In the majority of cases, the COA certificate is put on paper, and it accompanies the batch that it has been issued for. However, this alone poses quite a lot of complications. Paper documents get lost. A lot of the times these certificates have to be resend a couple of times just because of this particular fact. Furthermore, this is a document which attests that the product was abiding by the aforementioned regulations at the particular time of the analysis. Whether or not they do so at the time of the shipment is a completely different story. 

With this in mind, it’s obvious that there are considerations to be accounted for. While COA certificates are highly used and demanded by buyers, whether or not they attest the exact condition of the food in the particular moment is subjected to debate. This might cause some problems, and that’s why it’s advisable that the food is being delivered shortly after the analysis has been performed. It’s also worth noting that the COA Certificate for different products may vary. 

Certificate of Analysis template can be found here. 

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