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A Comprehensive Guide about Food Microbiology Manual

The Food and Drug Administration has already set a standard based on scientific findings on how to test and analyse the foods for the different types of contaminants.  They are highly aware that food quality and safety is a fundamental factor for the national development.  Having a strict food microbiology manual will help them to ensure the safety of the consumers and support the development of the food industry.  In this process, they have placed an emphasis on the prevention of biological and chemical hazard due to contamination.

Your Quick Guide about Food Microbiology Manual
A good microbiology manual will serve as a great lab manual for people associated in food microbiology.  It should also be an ample training manual for the analytical microbiology.  Here are some of the sections that make up a good Food Microbiology Manual:

Basic Skill
A food Microbiology Manual should focused on the essential skill-building such as a guide about various microbiological techniques such as plating, dilution, aseptic technique and media preparation.  It should highlight the crucial part in the preparation of the specimen including the condition and the adequacy.  A slight mistake in the basic skill can turn out to be a meaningless analysis.  It should tell you how to effectively extract a “representative sample” that the laboratory will interpret.

Advanced and Analytical Method
The Advance and Analytical method should also be highlighted in the Food Microbiology Manual.  Aseptic Technique should be addressed when handling food samples.  They should also be guided on how to sanitise the entire surface and the surrounding areas when analysing the sample.  The right level of temperature should also be reiterated when thawing the sample.    Mixing and Weighing is also a necessary Method in the Food Microbiology.  The different techniques in mixing liquid or dry ingredients should be stated.  Finally, the blending and diluting process should also guide the readers on how to properly enumerate the number of microorganism.

Enumerate Microorganism
When enumerating microorganism, the food microbiology manual should walk the reader through on how to properly culture the microorganism.  It should also involve different procedures in identifying different types of pathogens which may offer the readers a great opportunity to learn about genetic methods, immunoassay, biochemical and cultural process.  Enumerating microorganism should also not concentrate only on the hazardous microbes incorporated in the sample, the manual should also educate them about the beneficial microorganism as well as their distinct role in fermentation, the bacteriocins, and the bacteria resent on the lactic acid.

Lastly, the Food Microbiology manual should also direct the reader of the manual on how to effectively write a lab report.  The report should not only be limited to the result of the lab, it should also teach you how to provide a reference, include essential figure and table, Materials you used, and the methods incorporated in analyzing the representative sample.
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