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USA Food Imports: Dietary Supplements

USA Food Imports: Dietary Supplements

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is regulating the dietary ingredients and dietary supplements that are being sold in the US. A dietary supplement is defined as the product that we ingest through our mouth and should contain dietary ingredients that are designed as a supplement for our diet. It can also take numerous forms like liquids, capsules, and tablets. Before you even consider importing dietary supplements to the USA, there are some things that you need to be aware of.

A Comprehensive Guide on Importing Dietary Supplements to the USA
The requirements of the FDA on the health supplements are different compared to the conventional type of foods. Despite the advantages of importing dietary supplements to the USA, it also presents a lot of risks that have been complicated by government standards. It may sometimes lead to costly delays that can interrupt the schedule of your production.

Act in accordance with FDA and US Customs
The FDA and Bureau of Customs are monitoring the importation of dietary ingredients and supplements. They will conduct monitoring at the ports to ensure that the goods that are being imported are in compliance with the regulation of FDCA. The FDCA may provide you a notice of ‘May Proceed’ when importing dietary supplements to the USA, but this is not always the case. They may also give you a ‘sampling’ notice that will provide the importer with a notice that the agency needs to take a sample and examine it.

In case the FDCA discovered a violation of their regulation, you will probably receive a ‘Detention and Hearing’ notice. You as an importer will have at least 10 days if you want to argue the possible admissibility of your product before the actual date of the hearing. Contingent upon the basis of the notice, reconditioning is perhaps your best course of action. The worst possible outcome when importing dietary supplements to the USA can be destruction, exportation, or refusal of admission. In case this happens, you cannot legally sell your supplements in the US.

Perhaps your best tool against the regulatory hurdles when importing dietary supplements to the USA is the right amount of preparation. You need to understand that seamless and hassle-free importation of dietary supplements will start once the product leaves your port. You need to conduct advanced research regarding the detention method of the FDA in order to understand how to properly react in case you find yourself in a similar situation. The detention record of the FDA will help you address the requirements of the agency with regard to packaging and labeling. 

When importing dietary supplements to the USA, understand that there are problems that can occur when you fail to comply with the standard of the FDCA. You will need to properly label it and in the English language in order to pass the labeling requirements. Claims relating to the drugs are also not allowed to appear on your imported dietary supplement. 

Another problem that can occur when importing dietary supplements to the USA is the disparity on the port. The enforcement measure on each port may vary. In order to avoid any possible issue, consider bringing your dietary supplements on a single US port every time. 
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