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Netherlands Food Imports: A Short Guide for Exporters and Importers

Netherlands Food Imports: A Short Guide for Exporters and Importers

According to the latest Netherland food import statistics, the number of imported foods fall at 12.27%. Though the amount of food products being imported by the country has fluctuated unpredictably, it still shows that there is a continuous decrease in imported foods over the last few years. National Geographic states that the country has managed to transform itself into an agricultural giant that is currently feeding the entire world.

What Products Does the Netherlands Import
Last 2016, Netherland has imported goods that amount to $504 billion from different trade partners all over the world. At least 52% of the total imported goods of the Netherlands are purchased from European suppliers. Around 8% of them came from North America and the lowest percentage at 2% came from African countries. Netherland is a major food exporter, which is why it is not surprising why their top imports are not associated with foods. Their biggest product import is a testing machine that was registered at more than $2.5 million.

Other imported goods are related to health institutions such as electro-medical tools with an import value of $1.9 million, Chemical analysis equipment at $1.5 million, x-rays at $1.4 million, and breathing apparatus at $853 thousand. They also imported weather instruments ($1.9 million), calculating machine ($1 million), and navigational instruments ($667 thousands).

Bringing Food Products into the Netherlands
Based on the ranking of ECI (Economic Complexity Index), the economy of the Netherland is considered one of the most complexes in the world. Navigating on the rules when it comes to the foods that you are allowed to bring in the country can be daunting. If you are coming from an EU country, the process will be a lot easier. However, remember that there are special rules that are being applied to plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and animal products.

Netherlands Customs Declaration Form
If you are shipping products to the Netherlands, the Customs will require some documents such as the airway bill and the declaration form. You need to submit at least two copies of the declaration form in case the total import value of your product exceeds the $1,500 mark. You may submit the declaration form by parcel post or regular mail if the entire value is more than $500. The form should state the amount of product and the exact weight on the metric unit scale.

In case you are sending the product through mail, you need to inquire at your local post office regarding the requirement of the proper documentation of your goods. Although there is no standard format that was prescribed, you might need to add specific information on the form such as weight, grade, quality, kind, and commercial description of the product. You may also add information about the method of shipment as well as the name of the buyer and/or sellers and the place and date of your shipment.

If the wholesale Netherlands food importer requires additional information, they will probably need to contact the help of the Department of Commerce.
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