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Food Importers in Europe

Food Importers in Europe

The EU is the largest market for food products in the world and is full of opportunities. Some of the most promising markets include Germany, the UK, and Spain. Supermarkets sell most of the fresh vegetables and fruits, with over 70% market share.

They dominate Northern and Western Europe markets than in Southern Europe. The supermarkets are controlled by retail chains, which buy from a decreasing pool of importers. All these circumstances make it a challenge to find and retain food importers. Also, with a few players come market dominance, strict standards, and increased requirements.

How to Find Food Importers
Finding and keeping buyers can become challenging with the prevailing market conditions. However, Europe still has many opportunities. When looking for a buyer, understand how the market works. First, your products must be of the highest standard and conform to EU’s food regulations.

Before trading, your country must be on the list of approved trading partners. Afterward, find out about the requirements and food hygiene regulations such as banned contaminants and packaging. Prepare thoroughly before looking for buyers because they will have high expectations. Besides, note that buyers will be held accountable for any breach of their country’s food regulations.

The governments cannot prosecute foreign suppliers.  Once you know that your country can export to the EU, have the national authority in your country inspect your facilities to find out if you conform to the standards of the EU market.

Expectations of European Importers
The two main expectations will be food safety and food quality. Your distributor will further offer guidance on the expected code of conduct, and the demands of the market. Furthermore, European buyers expect direct communications 24/7.

Sometimes they may want to pass information about products rejected at the inspection borders. Besides, they may request to inspect your facilities before working with you. Thus, depending on the country you are targeting make sure you are professional and have good communication skills.

Having a website where you provide information about your business is also essential. For further advice, you can contact the business organization in your country or other trade organizations or exporters.

Tips When Finding Buyers
The way to start is by obtaining a food importers directory. You can do this online using our Nutrada platform. Once you know the list of potential buyers, start by researching their companies. Most will have websites where you can find more information about them. Afterward, contact the buyers through email or phone.

Another excellent option is to visit major trade fairs like Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin, Germany, and Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Spain. The platforms offer the chance to meet with the biggest companies in the region. You get to engage face-to-face with representatives.

Nutrada: Your Personal AI Assistant and Source of Europe Food Importers Database
Nutrada is the best way to explore the EU markets. We use artificial intelligence to match your company with leads in our growing list of food importers and food distributors. Get started in less than 5 minutes. 
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