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Food Importation in Italy

Food Importation in Italy

Italy has a success story in Agriculture and mostly fruits and vegetables. This is because of the good climate and the agronomic conditions that favor food production. Additionally, the countries geographic position helps her to access other markets either to exports the fruits or also import foods to the country. Even with the country having a large portion of its land under organic agriculture, the country still turns to others to import food from them. However, the importation is largely triangular since the country has a bureaucratic impediment when it comes to the importation of food, fruits, and vegetables.

Analysis of Foods Imported to Italy
Italy is a net agricultural products importer. In the year 2016, the country imported bulk and intermediary products from the USA which included wheat, Soybeans, Hides and Skins, tree nuts, forest products, beef and beef products, and also planting seeds. Most of the foods that are imported into Italy come into the county through brokers and other specialized traders. Most of the imported products that come from North America enter Italy through the Netherlands, and the main port that is used is the port of Rotterdam. Alternatively, these foods are also flown into the country. Once these foods enter the country, they will be sold to the wholesalers who will, in turn, sell them to the small restaurants and hotels.

Requirements to Import Food into Italy
Italy is a member of the European Union, and therefore their import laws are largely the same as the EU regulations. When importing food to Italy, you will be required to comply with the general EU food importation regulations. These rules are then read with the Italy food importation regulations to clear any of the issues that might arise. Note that the European Union members have signed a common trade treaty which governs export and importation of products including the foods, fruits, and vegetables. Therefore whenever you are targeting to do business in any of the member countries, you should read the EU regulations and the specific member state regulations governing what it is you are importing. 

In Italy, food safety is given top priority, and therefore the food importer must make sure that the food is safe. This is the primary responsibility of Italy`s health ministry, and therefore you must first comply with the Ministries regulation on health. This includes both handling and processing of the food. Further, you should meet the food packaging and labeling regulations to be allowed to sell the food. Additional regulation is the trade and promotion regulations which fall under the Ministry of Economy and Finance. 

Once you have complied with the above regulations, you should also clear with the customs and border authorities who will also check the country of origin, the compliance of the food items to the shipping regulations, and also the tariffs compliance in case the food items are supposed to be checked for the tariff quotas. Therefore, it is important to make sure these are in place before the food leaves the port of origin.  For information on Wholesale Italian food importers / Italian food, importers directory click on the link www.nutrada.com
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