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Canada Food Imports: Fruits and Vegetables

Canada Food Imports: Fruits and Vegetables

Canada imports over 10 million tons of fruits and vegetables. Canada itself produces these goods, but due to the massive population increase, most of the produced is not enough hence they need to be supplemented by-products from other parts of the world. Fruits imported to Canada are different, and each of these is from different countries of origin. Some fruits are known to be imported from the USA while others are sourced from other parts of the world including Europe and Africa. Most agricultural products are assessed for biosafety before being allowed to come to the market.

Fruits That Are Imported in Canada
The number one fruits imported in Canada are bananas where over five hundred thousand tonnes are being imported annually. Bananas form 22% of the total Fruits, vegetables, and grains imported to Canada which means they have a big share. Watermelons are imported every year and the quantity indicated is two hundred thousand tons every year. Over two hundred thousand tons of apples are also imported to Canada which is why Canada cannot run out of apples at all times. Grapes, Melons, and Mandarins are also imported. There are more than a hundred thousand tons of each of these products being imported.

Vegetables Imported in Canada
There are over three hundred thousand tons of potatoes being imported to Canada every year. This makes a total of 17 percent of all Canada’s imports. Lettuce is also imported annually with over two hundred and fifty thousand being imported. Tomatoes, Onions, and Cabbages are among the fruits being and vegetables being imported in Canada, and there is over a hundred thousand of each of the product being imported in Canada. Many other fruits like cauliflower are also being imported annually but not as much as the above products.

Places Where Canada Imports Products From
Most Bananas are from Latin America where there is large-scale production of the fruit. It is also indicated that Lemon is from Mexico as well as maize. Mexico doubled its exports to Canada owing to its large-scale crop production. Pineapples are known to have come from Costa Rica where there is more production of the fruits. Apples and Strawberry are from the US. Vegetables like cabbage are 100 percent imported from the USA. Tomatoes are also sourced from Mexico. Generally speaking, imports are sourced from many parts of the world. Most imports are supposed to be biologically safe for them to be accepted in Canada.

To conclude, the places Canada import fruits and vegetables from are different depending on the kind of fruits being imported. Most of them are from Mexico and Latin America, but there are some others from other parts of the world. Most of the agricultural products are produced in the country, but due to the growing population, most of the goods are not enough at all. Imports are meant to supplement the already existing products to prevent food shortages from occurring. Products are always screened for safety before being allowed in the country. 
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