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Biofach – World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Foods

Biofach – World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Foods

People in today’s world are concerned about consuming organic foods as much as possible. That’s because the consumption of organic foods can provide them with the opportunity to live a healthy life with ease.
Along with the demand for organic food in all parts of the world, it is worth to take a look at Biofach. That’s because Biofach is the world’s leading trade fair for organic foods. This trade fair is scheduled to take place from the 12th of February to the 15th of February, 2020 in Nuremberg.
The primary objective of Biofach is to bring together businesses that are working with the process of producing organic foods to come together and network with each other. This exhibition is known for creating long-lasting business partnerships and fruitful connections.

Biofach 2019
It is worth to take a look at Biofach 2019 exhibition and see how it went. If you are looking forward to attending the exhibition this year, it will help you to get a better overall understanding of what to expect this year. Along with that, you can keep realistic expectations and move forward with it.

At last year’s Biofach exhibition, exhibitors and visitors from 144 different countries out there in the world came together. They included more than 50,000 visitors as well as over 2,950 exhibitors. During the exhibition, special attention was paid to the current developments that are taking place within the organic food sector. Along with that, a large number of successful networking opportunities were created as well. The organizers have done an excellent job by creating an ideal environment for the visitors to interact with the exhibitors and develop long-lasting connections. We can expect them to do the same this year as well.

One of the most outstanding events that we could see in Biofach is the Best New Product Awards Ceremony. It was to reward and recognize the most outstanding product developments in the organic food sector. There are numerous categories under this award. For example, there was an Olive Oil Award and a Grand International

Organic Wine Award
According to a survey that was conducted at the end of Biofach 2019, it was identified that 9% of the visitors were satisfied with the products and services that they were provided with. Along with that, the organizers got to know about feedback points of improvement as well. Therefore, you will be able to discover an improved trade fair this year.

On the other hand, 87% of the exhibitors have voted that they are happy and satisfied with the decision that they took to take part in this exhibition. You will be able to see most of those exhibitors taking part in this year’s exhibition as well.

What can you expect during Biofach 2020?
You can think about visiting Biofach as an exhibitor or as a visitor. No matter what option you go ahead with, you will be guaranteed to secure a bunch of outstanding experiences.

If you are an exhibitor, you will be provided with an ideal platform at Biofach to showcase what you are producing or selling. You will be able to sell them, get feedback on improvement, and get into new partnership opportunities to take what you offer to the next level. 

On the other hand, people who are attending Biofach as visitors will be able to witness the outstanding organic food products offered by the exhibitors. In addition to that, they will be able to get a better understanding of the trends in organic food production. They can also develop some long-lasting connections, which will be able to benefit them in the future. 

The number of organic farmers and visitors attending Biofach has increased along with time. Therefore, you will be able to witness the most successful edition of this trade fair and exhibition in 2020. This year’s trade fair and exhibition will be organized with the mission of highlighting the objectives of sustainable development practices with organic farming.

If you want to visit Biofach and get the most out of it, you are strongly encouraged to download the Biofach smartphone app. This smartphone app is available for both Android users as well as iOS users. The app will help you to get a better understanding of how Biofach 2020 would look like. In addition to that, the app will keep on providing regular updates to you, so that you will be able to keep in touch with the latest developments. 
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