About Us

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Our Mission

Nutrada is a NutriBoost initiative. NutriBoost is an IFS certified importer and exporter and active in the field of superfoods, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other ambient food categories. Our mission with Nutrada is, to:

Provide better prices to purchasers in the food industry

Increase transparency in the ambient food market

Increase business through certified suppliers

Our Mission
Why Nutrada

Industry Veterans

We know what it takes to run a successful food business and we are committed to making it much easier.

The Problem

Our team is made of industry veterans and food business entrepreneurs. We have dealt with the problems of connecting suppliers with buyers firsthand. The point of the internet was to make it easier to connect with people all over the world. However, many food buyers and suppliers have found that they waste hours scrolling through poorly organized and out of date online directories and dealing with spam emails. Even when you do find a potential partner, it can take days or weeks to connect with the right person and to find out if you two are a good match or not.

Industry Veterans

The Solution

Now, all that frustration and wasted time is over. Nutrada has automated the way food suppliers and buyers connect online. Think of Nutrada as your B2B personal assistant. It takes all the legwork out of finding the right buyers or suppliers for your organization. Interested to see How Nutrada works?

Industry Veterans