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With innovative technology we connect
buyers and certified suppliers in the B2B food industry

Shortening the supply chain

Shortening the supply chain is one of our main goals, as that is crucial for securing quality. Therefore Nutrada matches buyers and certified suppliers in the B2B food industry. On our platform, we only work with businesses who are serious and verified. Hence you will only find certified suppliers on our platform. Based on an algorithm and our unique, hand-crafted product database, buyers will be matched with suppliers based on their needs.

We have dealt with the problems of connecting suppliers with buyers firsthand. The point of the internet was to make it easier to connect with people all over the world. However, many food buyers and suppliers have found that they waste hours scrolling through poorly organized and out of date online directories and dealing with spam emails. Even when you do find a potential partner, it can take days or weeks to connect with the right person and to find out if you two are a good match or not.

Sell to buyers around the world

Connect with buyers that meet your criteria. Anywhere that you desire, 24/7/365. You can start selling your products to high quality buyers within minutes.

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How we help buyers and suppliers

Stop wasting time with traditional search engines and food directories
Food Buyer

Buy directly from the source

Cut out the middleman and buy directly from certified importers and manufacturers. Say goodbye to traditional search engines and food directories. Nutrada is all you need when you are looking for the right supplier.

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GFSI Certified Suppliers

The GFSI Benchmarking process is now the most-widely recognised in the food industry worldwide. Nutrada allows suppliers who are GFSI certified, this includes: BRC, Canada GAP, FSSC 22000, Global GAP, IFS, Primus GFS and SQF.

Other Certificates

Besides GFSI certified suppliers, we also allow suppliers with one or more of the following certificates: FDA, GMP, HACCP, ISO22000, Organic and QS.

Social Certifications

Besides the aforementioned certifications, we allow buyers to filter on social certifications. However, a supplier should always have at least one of the previously mentioned certificates to be able to apply for an account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nutrada?

The point of the internet was to make it easier to connect with people all over the world. However, this is rarely the case nowadays. We offer a helping hand for buyers and suppliers in the B2B food industry.

What is the mission of Nutrada?

The mission of Nutrada is, to connect buyers and suppliers in the food industry by organizing the indsutry' information and make it accessible and useful.

Are you a directory?

Not exactly. Nutrada is a platform where buyers can send inquiries to suppliers based on the products they are looking for. Suppliers only show up when they can meet the buyer' requirements and vice versa. For more information you can visit our page on How Nutrada works.

Can I trade with my match outside the platform?

Yes! Nutrada is built to help buyers and suppliers do business. The platform is a tool to connect, the actual trade is concluded between the parties outside Nutrada.

Do I need to pay Nutrada a commission?

No. Nutrada does not charge a commission. We work with subscription models. Check out the pricing details for buyers and pricing details for suppliers. For more information you can ask help from our team.

Can anyone join Nutrada?

No. Nutrada is an exclusive B2B platform and thus only accessible to verified and registered businesses. Consumers are not able to enter the platform or create an account.

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